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Jade Nouvelle-Orléans absinthe

Jade Nouvelle-Orlans absinthe

Jade Nouvelle-Orléans absinthe

Producer: Jade Combier


Price (ex VAT at 20%) 58.33 (70.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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70cl 68% abv (136 proof)

Silver Medal Winner at the 2006 London IWSC

Jade Absinthe Nouvelle-Orléans presents the connoisseur with a perfume and texture that disappeared along with the artisanal marques almost a century ago. Several medicinal plants and flowers, including wormwood are macerated in a wine-based alcohol and then distilled in 100 year old alambics. Its light green colour comes from a second infusion of plants in the resulting distillate. Its aromas are bright yet complex and savory; it is a true apéritif, one that stimulates the appetite while cleansing and refreshing the palate with its crisp, rich taste. The finish is long and fresh, with its attractive floral components lingering long after the last sip.

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In warm weather the pressure of alcohol vapour may cause the cork to rise in the bottle and crack the wax seal. This in no way harms the contents of the bottle.

Customer Reviews

  Outstanding Product and Distributor  I learned about Jade from an article describing their dedication to traditional methods and equipment for making absinthe. We have purchased several bottles and varieties. The Jade Nouvelle-Orleans is our favorite. Jade Esprit Edouard is amazing. Liqueors de France customer service is excellent.   (23/09/2014) -

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