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Mansinthe absinthe

Mansinthe absinthe

Producer: Matter-Luginbhl


Price (ex VAT at 20%) 49.96 (59.95 Including VAT at 20%)

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70cl 66.6% abv. (133.2 proof)

Gold Medal Winner at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Esquire Magazine August 2008 'Man His Best' section, article
"The Outlaw", written by spirits specialist David Wondrich:
"Marylin Manson not only has impeccable taste in women, he's a fine judge of absinthe, too - as this, made in Switzerland to his taste, demonstrates."

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The 'official absinthe of Marilyn Manson'. It is distilled from fine herbs and naturally coloured, this absinthe should delight even the fastidious absintheur and Marilyn Manson fan the protagonist loves it and has played a significant part in the product development.

Colour: Very nice crystal clear light medium green. Hard to imagine as totally natural due to it's one dimensionality. Attractive, nonetheless.
Louche: Very good trails at first. Quite entertaining. This continued until louche reached 2:1, at which point it was fully clouded. Final color was a pastel/seafoam green with yellow highlights and glints of blue around the meniscus. Really quite pretty.
Aroma: Pleasing... wormwood and anise predominate. There is immediately a slight vegetal note I have difficulty defining (not fresh, but almost earthy like a root vegetable). It is not off-putting, in fact it kind of begs me to go to palate. However, if it were any more forward, I would consider it to be a clear fault. I find it to be an additional complexity that adds character, but I think this will boil down to a real personal taste issue. Because of this peculiarity, I must give this category a 3.
Flavour: Not simple, but not highly complicated, either. Nice balance between the wormwood and anise mid-palate, a spiceiness on the back-palate/finish. Along with the spice, some noticeable heat. Nice wormwood "pinch" on the palate that builds with each sip, and begs me to take another. Again, that vegetal thing, while interesting, keeps this one from getting a 4 here.
Finish: Quite a nice, long finish that follows the palate very accurately. This is always a critical factor for me with any beverage, since I really do not like schizophrenic palate/finish combinations. The bit of heat persists in the finish and palate numbing is noticeable, but the vegetal character disappears. Overall enjoyable, and makes me want to dive back in.

Tasting notes provided courtesy of The Wormwood Society

Customer Reviews

  Mansinthe  Received product in a timely fashion and as ordered. Very good!   (24/01/2013) -

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