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New Orleans is said by some to be the birthplace of the cocktail when Antoine Peychaud served tonic drinks out of a French egg-cup called a 'coquetier' - which when incorrectly pronounced became 'cocktail', research in the 2000s, however, found the word 'cocktail' in print in New York in 1806, long before Peychaud grew up and concocted the bitters that still bear his name. However, and not surprisingly, some of the best absinthe cocktails come from this city. This drink is considered by some as the first 'cocktail' ever invented; it was created by a New Orleans pharmacy in the early 19th century to ward off tropical malaise!

- 1 ounce absinthe (used as rinse)
- 2 ounces Cognac Sazerac-de-Forge (now sadly extinct!) - you will need another cognac. Rye whisky became a popular substitute and though mistakenly considered a part of the original recipe, makes a fine version.
- 3 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
- 1/2 teaspoon sugar, simple syrup or ideally Gomme syrup.
Add absinthe to glass, drop an ice cube to chill and slightly louche absinthe, swirl to coat sides and bottom, then drain absinthe. Add rest of ingredients, shake with more ice and strain into an Old-Fashion glass (or an egg-cup), garnish with lemon peel.

Photography by Stone Aperture Photography

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