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Un Emile verte 68 absinthe de Pontarlier

Un Emile verte 68 absinthe de Pontarlier

Un Emile verte 68 absinthe de Pontarlier

Producer: Emile Pernot


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70 cl 68% abv (136 proof)

Un Emile verte is a classic Pontarlier absinthe made with locally grown wormwood and traditionally distilled in copper alembics. It will appeal to those looking for a light but flavoursome absinthe with a strong wormwood character.

This absinthe will appeal to those looking for a classic Pontarlier absinthe. Un Emile 68 verte is a premium absinthe traditionally made to a 19th century recipe by steeping Grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise and other plants in alcohol and distilling the macerated charge in an absinthe still. The colour is achieved naturally by soaking plants in the distillate. No star anise is used, which was typical of the traditional Pontarlier absinthe recipes. To best appreciate the complex flavours and louche, it must be properly served by slowly dripping cold water into it, as should all the absinthes from the Emile Pernot distillery.
The absinthe now known as Un Emile verte was first made by the Emile Pernot distillery in the late 19th century and is made according to an original family recipe, it was originally labelled 'Emile Pernot' but the label had to be changed after pressure from Pernod fils. Un Emile was originally recreated with the help of LDF just before the ban was lifted in France and was the first traditionally made French absinthe to be imported into the UK.

Customer Reviews

  Subtle and delicious  This is not for those who like big assertive absinthes, but it has plenty of character and a delicate wormwood flavour   (11/10/2011) Brian - London

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